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We are Connected, Intelligent, and Autonomous solutions provider, helping companies develop, launch, and integrate next generation technologies and services.

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About Us

JCC Bowers is on a mission to transform transportation by bringing Level 5 autonomy to the road. Our technology enables industry stakeholders to deliver a Connected, Intelligent, and Autonomous vehicle ecosystem that is informed, efficient, and reliable.

Through partnerships with top UK universities, we are developing a suite of technologies that will bring transportation into the digital age. Our flagship product, Cobalt Auta is the industry’s first and only Secure, Connected, and Autonomous Vehicle Platform, enabling physical control of the vehicle, remote and cloud management of its operation, and the in-car artificial intelligence needed to make split-second autonomous driving decisions.

We’ve also found a way to enable your car to see into its future. We’re not kidding.

How We Help

JCC develops relationships with global conglomerates across all key industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, and agriculture. Whether you are a vehicle manufacturer, an airline, or a robotics developer, our white-label technology enables your company to address the strategic imperative of connected, intelligent, and autonomous technologies to your products.  

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Cobalt Auta unifies several ◼◼◼◼-◼◼◼◼ technologies into a single ◼◼◼◼◼◼ platform.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Pattern Recognition


LAUNCHING ◼◼◼◼ OF ◼◼◼◼