Our Successful Pitch at Venturefest


There’s nothing quite like watching the light bulb go on when an audience realizes the power of a new technology at an innovation event.

And that’s exactly what happened as CEO John Bowers pitched Cobalt Auta to more than 600 U.K. entrepreneurs and investors at Venturefest South 2017.

From the questions in the room and our conversations afterward with corporate representatives, VC’s, business angels and government officials, it was clear these industry experts saw the potential of a product that turns your unconnected car into a modern, smart vehicle. No need to wait years, no need to buy a whole new ride.

With the installation of a small piece of hardware under the hood and an app on your phone, you’re able to control Cobalt Auta’s more than 300 features wherever you are. These range from remote ignition and theft alerts to engine-health monitoring and artificial intelligence that learns and makes suggestions to ease your driving experience. Eventually, Cobalt Auta will enable every car to become fully autonomous. What’s more, it’s designed with military-grade security to protect your data.

Cobalt Auta is the only retrofit solution compatible with an estimated 590 million unconnected vehicles worldwide. That’s a lot of cars now on the road that will soon be talking to their owners and each other and driving themselves.

In fact, one of the “a-ha” moments at Venturefest South came when our CEO John explained why Cobalt Auta prepares today’s cars for the future of vehicle-to-vehicle communication needed to transition cities to autonomous driving.

Vehicle manufacturers, Google and the Ubers of the world are fighting over LIDAR, an actually quite stupid technology,” Bowers said. “By depending on light-sensing machinery, their driverless cars see only about as far as the human eye. Cobalt Auta is a better solution. It equips millions of vehicles to digitally converse, no matter how far across the transportation grid, to improve safety and efficiency.”

Many thanks to Venturefest South 2017 for inviting JCC Bowers to this amazing event. We’re honored to have been selected and are excited about the successful relationships we made with strategic people who support our vision.

What is Venturefest South?

The one-day event in Winchester convened the top startup and technology talent from the region to link entrepreneurs with the right investors to advance their businesses. The summit featured keynote speakers from Uber and Innovate UK, as well as seminars from successful entrepreneurs.

JCC Bowers was one of 18 startups selected to participate in pitching sessions reserved for innovators with fully-formed business plans.

Who is JCC Bowers?

Started in 2015 in Basingstoke, U.K., we’re simplifying today’s crowded Internet of Things landscape by giving consumers one point of control for every connected appliance as well as a range of proprietary features.

Bowers will roll out Cobalt Auta in 2017, followed by platforms to serve the residential, aerospace, nautical and freight industries.

The company is led by veteran technology experts across five countries with experience at Vodafone, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Philips. The company is in the midst of Series A fundraising.


  • 2016 Finalist in NatWest “Great British Entrepreneur of the Year”
  • 2016 “Face of a Vibrant Economy” by Grant Thornton UK
  • 2016 Finalist in Magna International’s “Global Automotive Disruptor” competition
  • 2015 Editor’s Choice in Business Car Magazine’s Techies Awards

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