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As we approach the holiday season, there is one thing that everyone can agree on: the food always seems to be extra special. We’re an international company, which brings forth a lot of conversations about customs, traditions, and food. That’s why we wanted to share some special delicious holiday recipes that make us all warm and fuzzy inside.


Michaelmas stuffing

What’s better than Michaelmas goose? The stuffing. John Bowers, our CEO, loves the delicious potato stuffing that accompanies the goose. “My wife makes it for the holidays. It’s so good, I always have a second helping.”


Polenta with salted cod

Every Christmas Eve, Luke, our Chief Marketing Officer, cooks this inexpensive meal of polenta with fish marinara sauce with his big Italian family. “My great grandparents came to the U.S. from Genoa with almost nothing but the clothes on their backs,” he told us, “so we eat peasant Polenta every year to remind us of our good fortune and how much our lives have improved from that of our forefathers.”


Seared Scallops

Gary Revel, our project director, reveals a dish from Normandy as his favorite holiday recipe, “Et voila, something we have in Normandy during Christmas and other holidays,” adding “My partner is French and her mum does this for us when go to stay in Conde sur Noireau.” Revel also says that you need to deglaze the pan with some grapefruit juice and then pour it on the salad as a dressing. If you aren’t a fan of scallops you can replace it with prawns or shrimps.


Zuppa toscana

Olive Garden has nothing on the Zuppa Toscana that Matt Knapp, Director of User Acquisition, makes. “Nothing beats the aroma of the soup while you’re making it. It reminds me of family, plus it is creamy and delicious!”


Deep fried turkey

Andrew McCarthy, our Product and Operations Director, enjoys deep fried turkey for the holidays, “As always you have to make sure the turkey isn’t frozen when you fry the turkey or you’ll be met with disaster.” Plus a deep fried turkey doesn’t take as long to make as baking one!



For Puerto Ricans the holiday season is a long and festive one. “There’s nothing like Christmas in Puerto Rico,“ says Ketty Colom our Brand Ambassador, “The food is to die for, but so are the drinks! Coquito is my favorite holiday drink because it tastes so good! You can make a ton of flavors, like almond and pistachio, but my favorite is the original coconut eggnog!”


Meringue cookies

Rebekah Sanders, our Director of Public Relations, has a definite sweet tooth. It’s why she chose meringue cookies as her holiday favorite. “I love these meringue cookies. They are so light and sugary it feels like biting into a candied cloud.”


Local food

If you aren’t a big fan of cooking, then hit the streets. Quentin Wasselz, our Integration Director, loves to explore nearby culture and food during the holidays, “I would say that there is nothing better than traditional local food , it could be as simple as a beef noodle soup somewhere in a food street in Taiwan.”

Bonus: Mulled Cider

Every year our CEO, John Bowers, whips up his special batch of cider to share with his friends and family.


What we love about our list of holiday recipes is that it is as unique as our staff! We hope you try these recipes for yourselves and create memories of your own! Happy Holidays from JCC Bowers!

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